Selling sporting goods online

December 29, 2017

Throughout the world, people enjoy watching sports because it is entertaining. We are oftentimes fascinated at seeing greatness unfold in front of our eyes. However, we show our love of sports in several ways.

Some people who have favorite athletes start collecting jerseys, shoes, cards, and other memorabilia. Many fans will buy sports memorabilia at unimaginable prices. For example, Jose Bautista’s Toronto Blue Jays jersey sold at an auction for $27,606.01. He wore the jersey when he hit a historic three-run homer.

While it helps to be passionate about sports, the fun thing about selling sports memorabilia is that you don’t have to be an avid sports fan. If you’re looking for an easy way to break into a thriving industry, sporting goods are a great way to start. The most effective platform for selling sporting goods is online auction. Sellers can reach a much wider market and post their items at no cost. This allows sellers to maximize their sale, quicker and easier. With millions of online shoppers looking for baseball gloves, equestrian gear, inline skates, snowboards, or bicycles to name a few, it’s easy to turn unused sporting goods into instant cash at auctions.


Do you know what are the hottest trends in Sporting Goods?


Thousands of people participate at auctions to search for equipment, clothing, and accessories for their favorite sports: hockey, basketball, skateboarding, football, or rafting. For example, baseball participants are looking specifically for baseball equipment, uniforms, bats, gloves, hats, jerseys, or training aids.

Basketball buyers need accessories, such as basketball shoes, air pumps, and nylon or metal chain nets.

Camping buyers are looking for all sorts of camping gear online. Popular items include backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. Other best sellers include camping stoves, water filtration kits, and first aid kits.

Bikes of all sizes, colors, styles, and brands are also in demand. A few popular types include road racing bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, comfort bikes, BMX bikes, children's bikes, low-rider bikes, tandem bikes, and vintage bicycles.

Fitness amateurs are looking for manual and electric treadmills for home exercises, as are upright, dual-action, and recumbent exercise bikes. Elliptical machines, stair machines or steppers, free weight equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, benches, and home gym systems are also popular.

You can sell new and used running shoes of all sizes, brands, colors. These include performance training shoes, racing shoes, and off-road running shoes. Also popular is running apparel, such as singlets, tights, jackets, gloves, hats, running socks, and reflective running gear, including headlamps, bands, and vests.

Tennis players of all ages are looking for new or vintage tennis racquets, new tennis balls, and tennis apparel.


There are lots of tricks and techniques to attract buyers when selling online at auctions. Writing a good listing and description is key to help buyers learn about products and be informed about the quality and condition of their purchases.


Selling used sports equipment at auctions is one way to earn extra money. Swap out unused baseball bats or fly-fishing rods sitting in the garage, and post them online. Find buyers nationwide!